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The Official Is It Normal Ultimate Male Masturbation Guide

Is it normal to masturbate? Yeah!

Masturbating is a great way to learn how you like to be touched and what gets you off. There are hundreds of reasons to masturbate. It relieves stress, you want to have an orgasm and you dont have a partner, your bored, you can't fall asleep, or you need a distraction because you don't want to write that paper. It is also the safest sex you can have. You don't have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases, drama, expectations, buying dinner or whether or not you are going to see the person again. What is more fun then having an orgasm... anytime?

There are so many different ways you can masturbate. Many men find it stimulating to keep a steady pace while they are stroking their penis to reach orgasm. Some people like a harder grip and others prefer a lighter touch. Everyone's body is different so what your best friend might be into, you might not like. You can pull your scrotum gently or tug on it harder. Try pressing your finger up against your perenium (best known as the taint). Try touching different parts of your body. Squeeze those nipples. Find out how you like to be touched and what turns you on.

How can I last longer?

Often times when men masturbate, they are doing so with a goal... orgasm! They are quick to pull the trigger and cum quickly, sometimes lasting a good ole five minutes. You move fast and aim for the most pleasure, in the shortest amount of time. The focus is often on a faster, stronger grip, spending time on the head of the penis where there is the most sensitivity. Because you are so used to coming so quickly that when you are with a partner, you have trouble cumming before either of you are ready for it. Many men have dealt with pre mature ejaculation.

Instead of rubbing numbing cream on your penises or popping a pill that probably won't even work, why don't you work on staying harder longer when you are masturbating? If you practice holding on longer when you are by yourself it will be so much easier to maintain when you want a longer, hotter session with that sexy person (or people) in your bed. Foreplay boy! Go slowly. Focus on your entire penis. Spend time building up and when you are about to cum, stop and relax. Try turning yourself on and then going limp and then working yourself up again. You can also try gripping the base of your penis tightly right before you feel like you are going to explode. This will help constrict the blood flow and slow everything down so you can keep the party going.

Should I use lubricant? Which type of lube is best?

Lubricant can be an awesome addition to any masturbation session. I have talked to many guys that actually don't find lube necessary for their solo play. It can be messy and hard to deal with. Also, if you are not circumcised you can use the foreskin while you stroke it.

Guys don't always need lube but if you want to check it out, you can buy a water based lubricant which will eventually be absorbed into the skin. If you are having a long session and are annoyed that you have to keep reapplying, then try silicone lube.

Silicone lubricant is great because it doesn't absorb and it goes on and on. It also feels really different then water based lubricant. It feels almost like an oil, but its not and its completely condom safe. So if you are having a mutual masturbation session and want to throw on a condom after, it is totally safe and won't break the condom. I am sure many of you have tried lotion, conditioner, handsoap, etc. Those are all viable options, but they should never go inside your body and they are not safe with latex. So if you want to jack off in the shower, grab some silicone lube. Water doesn't wash it off. It is also probably a lot cheaper. And you don't want the lady in your life getting upset if you are using all of their expensive hair care products. Get your own lube, boys!

What's the best way to wank? How to masturbate?

You can masturbate in the shower, the bathtub, your bedroom.. get creative. Just make sure you aren't subjecting people to uncomfortable situations if you have decided to be edgy and want to take it outside. People need to consent to watching you wank. No one wants to be surprised by your penis. You can also insert your penis into different things, such as a male masturbation sleeve. You can buy them at your local sex shop. They are cheap and offer a different sensation then you are used to. Some of them even vibrate and some men really like vibration on their penis. If you have never tried it, give it a whirl. You might learn something new that you never thought you were even into it. Spice up your own sex life. Make it new and exciting. Take yourself on a date and then pull out the vibrator. There is no shame in the game. You could even pull the old apple pie trick. Just so know that this might not seriously work and keep in mind some men can get yeast infections, too. There are things that can live in that warm dark place around the scrotum. So definitely think twice about sugary substances in your nether regions.

I have a friend who likes to masturbate with his penis between his mattress and his box spring. Get creative! What else are you doing? Just make sure it is safe, not too hot or too cold, no sharp edges, and please, stick to objects that belong to you. Dont go stealing your room mates favorite sock. Different materials offer different sensations. Velvet feels really soft against the skin. See what a difference a flannel shirt can make compared to an old cotton sock. Go grab that silk tie you wore, once, at your cousins wedding. That feels good, doesn't it? Try tugging on your pubic hair... go slow at first and see if you like it tugged on harder. You might find things you never even knew you were into. As you are learning these things, you can then go and communicate them to a partner if and when you decide to have sex with someone else.

Is anal play OK?!

Men have prostates. Have you found yours yet? If I had a prostate i would have something up my ass all the time, let me tell you. So many men have really intense views on anal play. They are scared it will hurt, they think it will "make them gay", they view the butt as an out hole and NOT an in hole. There are soooo many nerve endings in and around the anus. Why do you think women like anal sex so much? They dont even have a prostate and I know so many women that love getting it in the behind. But you have a magical button for the most intense, mind blowing pleasure you could ever experience and you do not even utilize the possiblity to the furthest extent. Try sticking a finger up your butt. Go slow.. use lots and lots and lots of thick get lubricant. You can begin by jacking off and then slowly feel the area around the anus, press your finger up against the perinium, lightly stroke the outside of your asshole. then slowly insert a finger. Try moving in deeper. If you want to stimulate the prostate then you have to make a "come hither" motion with your fingers towards your belly button. you have to slowly stroke the rectum, moving back and forth against the anal canal. Sometimes it is hard to do this by yourself so utilizing a toy with a curve can be the easiest way to stimulate your prostate while you are by yourself. And it keeps your hands free to touch other parts of your body. Squeeze those nipples, stroke your penis.

Don't let mainstream society dissuade you from the joy of anal stimulation. Do not let the bros at the gym tell you it's not cool. Make up your own mind. I know more straight men that enjoy prostate stimulation then the gay men in my life. It's not a gay or a straight thing. Its a prostate thing. If you do decide to insert something anally, the object MUST HAVE A WIDE BASE at the end. This is EXTREMELY important. The anus can suck things up and if the object doesn't have a base you can lose it and you will end up at the emergency room. Surgery will be involved for real. NOT SEXY. So don't go grabbing a carrot or a cucumber. These are not anal safe produce choices. Go to your nearest friendly sex shop and find something that wont cause you a trip to the emergency room. I don't want you to be the next story my nurse friend tells me over dinner next week. And, don't go getting creative. I have heard of the craziest things coming out of people's asses, surgically. Lightbulbs, remote controls, ketchup bottles. This is not something you want to risk.

In conclusion

Enjoy yourself and masturbate! It it healthy, fun, and can make a Tuesday night way more exciting.