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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my own submissions and comments?

When you're signed in, you'll see a link at the top of the page that says 'My Stuff'. Click this link to see your your stuff.

What is that safe(r) mode link in the top right corner of the page?

This website has a lot of stories and comments on it that many people out there might be offended by. To help shield these fragile eyes from the pain of looking at such things, when Safe(r) mode is on, the site attempts to hide as much of it as possible. However, at any time, you can click on that link in the top right hand corner to reveal all the good stuff that Is It Normal has to offer. We'll remember your choice too, so you only have to click it once if you want to see everything.

By the way, we call it "safe(r) mode" and not "safe mode" because we know we're not perfect and we won't be able to ever make this completely "safe". It's as safe as we can make it. It's safe(r) than normal.

How long does it take for new submissions to be approved by the IIN staff?

We are a very small team and we try to review all new submissions as soon as possible. In most cases you can expect your submission to be reviewed within 24 hours. Be assured that they are processed in a first come, first served manner and we'll get to yours as soon as we possibly can. You'll recieve an email when we've either approved or denied your submission.

How can I delete a submission of mine?

If you are the author of a post, when viewing that posts's page you will see a "Delete" button directly below the post's contents. Press this button to delete your post from the site. If you are having trouble finding it, just email us at and we'll help you out.

How can I delete a comment that I made?

When signed in, you'll see a small "Delete" link inside any comment of yours while your mouse is hovering over that comment. Just click that link and the comment will be permanently removed. You can also edit new comments for a few minutes after posting them by using the "Edit" link.

I want to delete my account, how can I do this?

Send us your request via the contact page (/help/contact) and we will take care of this for you. Thanks. Please don't delete your entire account just to get rid of one post (see above) or to disable email notifications for comments (you can do this from your settings page). Also, if you'd prefer to just change your username rather than delete your account, you can submit that request via the feedback form as well (tell us what you want to change it to).

I hate your ads! Why don't you get rid of them??

IIN costs money to run, so unfortunately we need the ads. Servers, moderators, programmers, etc. BUT, we don't show any ads to registered users and registration is quick and free. So, sign up for a free account and you'll have a nicer, ad-free IIN experience.

I forgot my password how can I change it?

If you've forgotten your password or your username you can fill in the form here: We'll look up your email address and send you a link to reset your password. Don't forget to check your spam folder for the email if it doesn't come soon.

Will my username be shown with my posts?

No. Only with your comments.

I can't sign in to my account, it's not working, why!?

If you're absolutely sure your username and password are correct, then most of the time this happens because your account has been disabled by our moderators, usually for being under the age of 18. You probably wrote about the fact that you're underage in one of your comments or posts. The fact that you need to be 18 to sign up for this site is made extremely clear during the sign up process and we need to enforce this. If you'd like to appeal such an action (if your little brother used your account or something), just send us an email via the feedback form and we'll investigate further.

How does community moderation work? What happens when I report a post?

Posts on IIN are now monitered by the IIN community as well as the IIN staff. So that posters can get responses to their questions as quickly as possible, posts are not proactively moderated, but instead rely on community members to report objectionable content for removal. Once something has been reported, it will be looked at by the IIN moderators who may decide to remove that content or may decide to leave it.

Please report posts that:

  • Reveal personal or sensitive information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Are unreasonably abusive towards others
  • Are not on topic or ask nonsensical questions
  • Are extremely poorly written or hard to understand (Within reason, let's not report slightly bad grammar)
  • Refer to illegal activities

Correctly reporting bad content is vital to making IIN the great community that it is. By doing so, you're helping to make this place great and keep it as a wonderful place to have fun, give and get advice and learn from one another. Your fellow IINers thank you for your help!

Note: Not all posts that are reported will be removed or even sent to moderation. To prevent abuse, our system takes into account the number of people reporting a post, as well as the previous track record of those people doing the reporting. If you report content correctly, your reputation increases and we take your opinion more seriously in the future (if your reputation is sufficiently high, we may bypass our moderators altogether and trust your judgement right away). However, if you report things incorrectly, your reputation in the system will decrease and we will slowly begin to discount or ignore your reports. So, please only report things correctly!

Note: Some new submissions are automatically flagged by our algorithms for moderation and will not appear on the site until they've been moderated by IIN staff. These submissions may include links, vulgar words and other such triggers or may have been submitted by members with poor karma in our reputation system.

I got a message about my comment karma being low, what's that about?

The automated comment karma system was introduced in January of 2014 to help increase comment quality on IIN. It does so by limiting the amount of comments that members can submit per 24 hour period if they aren't contributing positively to the community. All members are subject to the system equally.

Comment karma is an internal score assigned by the IIN system to each member, based on the quality of their comments (as judged by the community). Your comment karma will increase if:

  • Your comments get more thumbs Up than Down
  • Your comments do not get reported (Note: Reports that the moderators disagree with have no negative effect, and in fact affect the karma of the reporter negatively instead!)
Your comment karma will decrease if:
  • Your comments get more thumbs Down than Up
  • Your comments DO get reported (And the moderators agree with the report and remove the comment. Incorrect reports will negatively affect the reporter's karma, beware.))

This system is in place to improve everyone's experience, and to reduce the effect of troublemakers on the rest of the community that's just trying to help each other out and have a good time. If you write good (or even neutral) comments, you should have no trouble at all with this new system.