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Aliens from outer space.
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Will there ever be undeniable evidence of extraterrestrials? Or life outside of Earth? You can choose to comment if you want I won't be participating I just want a simple yes or no.
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with how vast the universe is it'd be impossible for earth to be the only planet inhabited by life, again though the universe is so massive even we can't comprehend it yet, for all we know the closest planet with intelligent life could be billions of stars away and we'd never even know.

it's unlikely we are going to see intelligent life outside of earth anytime soon, and if an alien species were to visit us they'd be far more superior than us and probably wouldn't even bother coming to see us.
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Well, even if there aren't organisms with highly developed civilisation 'near' us there always might be bacteria on one of Saturn's or Jupiter's moons - the conditions on some of them are proper
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We are living proof of alien life
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