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Anyone want to play Dungeons and Dragons over IIN?
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Would anyone out there be up for a game of Dungeons and Dragons played daily over IIN?
How it would work:
- Each day would represent one turn in the game.
- I would post the scenario with the answers to the poll as options for what your character would do.
- The answer that gets the most votes would be the action your character would take.
- You may make suggestions in the comments about what actions you want to appear in the next poll, but of course you won't know what happens between the polls until the next morning.
- Each of these posts would appear around 9am ((UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)) and I would tally the poll around 8am the next morning
- I've not decided if there should be multiple characters in the party or just one. If there are more then one they would have to be controlled by different polls.
- I also don't want to clutter IIN with dead polls, so I will probably need to delete the ones from 2 or 3 days ago each day.
Tell me what you think of this idea in the comments. If I get enough "yes" votes to this poll I will probably do it.
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Comments (7)
Thats not what this site is for.
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You will never get laid.
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I'd be interested!
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Is that meryl from dragon age 2? Such an underrated game
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Yay! A fellow fan! But, yes. She's my favorite character in the game. The entire series is great.
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Same i felt completely invested in her character, think she's one of the best characters of all time, great series, little dissapointed by inquisition but still a good game
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Do it
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