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Are cat people masochists?
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Think about it. Cat people will actively instigate their cats in order to get scratched. Once they get scratched, they shiver with pleasure and take thousands of pictures because why? Well it's because they're masochists and they love to bleed and they love pain. Cat people also take pride in being bitches to their cats and proudly proclaim their cats "own them" and proudly post all of their scratches and scars in 26 different angles. They all circle jerk about how sexy it is when their cats dominate and harass them.
Here is a prime example of a bunch of redditers jacking off to their cat scratches:

And another example of cat people orgasming to their cats' dominance:
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stfu you fucking idiot go back to reddit fag
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I'm bipetual, and to be honest I never try to deliberately tease or annoy my cat or any other animal. My cat has never scratched me. We're just not into that weird, stupid bullshit. He is into drinking the milk right out of my cereal bowl, and I let him do it, because we got it like that. That's how we do.
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wtf? my mum has a cat and he's never scratched or broken anything. he's just a lazy fat sausage who lays in the sun all day or tries to fuck the neighbours cat (no one wants him though because he gets rejected all the time)
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Haha! Is your "mother`s cat" really you? :P
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ooo you cheeky mango
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I don't like cats because cats don't like me. I like dogs. I like big dogs. I wish somebody could breed a big Pug.
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Go back under your rock!
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