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Been with 45+ prostitutes, I'm 20 yrs old. What are my options
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I am 20 years old and have not been with a real girl. I have had sex with over 45+ prostitutes, safe for the most part, otherwise I've been tested and I'm std free. I'm not ugly, I get called handsome pretty often. I'm tall 6'1 and athletic.
This started for me back in high school, I ended up switching schools very often and that definitely slowed down my social skills growth as well as made me a generally angry person. I didn't talk much to people in high school seeing as how I was in a new school every year and I didn't like my situation so I stayed mostly to myself.
I started looking up girls on the internet and visited my first escort when I was 17. Since then I've seen over 40 women (all escorts). Huge # of factors like moving to different places and family problems have all prevented me from ever really being happy long enough to talk to other women. Sure i've had chances with real women, recently I talked to this beautiful girl for a few months and almost ended up dating her. But I think she could tell something might have been different in me vs other guys she talked to so that didnt end up happening. I'm not a loner/creep or anything like that. Like I said I play sports, have friends, i'm average social-wise, and not bad looking. I'm in college and I'm pretty smart. Despite the # of women I've been with very few of them were passionate in sex like it's supposed to be, and more so very robotic. But they were escorts so it's to be expected I guess. I do want to live a normal life, whatever that entails. So I am not sure how to go about this. Should I completely avoid escorts and dating all together for a while to work on myself? Should I stop escorts and try to date? Or should I seek therapy?
Thank you for reading
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how did you afford that many hookers?
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These comments are disgusting... Look, man. I don't think you're a bad person for sleeping with so many different women. But I do think you should cut that habit. Definitely seek therapy, find out why you desire the company of prostitutes so much. Avoid dating until you figure at least that much out. Also, please get screened for STDs, and if you come up positive for anything, definitely inform anyone you may pursue in the future. Good luck and stay safe, brother.
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I'm a very nice person tbh, i'm kind and polite but I feel as though I do it more for the companionship rather than the sex
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Ok. Well in that case, you need a FWB. I am told that free stuff is better anyway. Learn to tolerate the imperfections.
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Your options are
A : you are a male whore and you have STD's and you will croak soon.
B : All of the above.
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Prostitutes are still 'real girls'...I think I know what you meant by that but it's demeaning to refer to them like they are less than human.

It sounds like maybe you got stuck in the habit of using escorts. Perhaps because it's easy and you don't risk rejection? Why do you think you use escorts so much? If you want to stop I think you should try easing out of it and start putting effort into cultivating friendships and dating around a bit. Don't overwhelm yourself...just take steps at a comfortable pace for you. Try keeping a journal so you can track your progress, it's always good to have a record so you can see what's working, what isn't, what triggers you, etc.
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@: wigz
Thank you for replying. I agree with you, that i think it's because I fear rejection. I think that is due to my switching schools in highschool. After a while you stop trying to communicate with other students if you are always new, that led to me basically shutting myself out of social situations by my junior year.
I stopped talking to everybody, male or female. For the most part I didn't see escorts for sex, I saw them for companionship. I've been extremely lonely and I've been trying to compensate in any way that I can
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Im surprised theres so much judgement here! Id love to know what skeletons these commenters have in their closet!
Its understandable how you came to this point, but i think you might feel a lil guilty maybe for doing this, but youre comparing yourself to other people that they themselves struggle to find a partner and have little to no experience. You have the experience, though it sounds the girls made you feel iffy about it.
If you get tested & youre coming back clean, try to abstain from the hookers and try nuturing the mental bond- try msging the girl that it didnt go anywhere, she might be getting a vibe from you that something is off, the vibe might be youre hiding this and it bugs you.
TRUST me, when you find a girl that bonds w you, youd happily toss the hookers out the window, as that 1 bonded girl would bring you the moon if she could.
Dont be afraid to keep trying. Eventually shell volly back 10 fold
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you must be rich
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You're doing ok dude. Maybe try to fuck a woman for free next time.
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46 prostitutes.
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Prostitute gashes are as loose as a goose and their cunts look like the Grand Canyon and feels like a toothpick rolling down a 4 lane highway.
They have had more cocks inside of their 3 holes than a rooster in a hen house.
Get real women because their twats and their assholes are tighter and it feels better in both of their holes and their cunts and poop chutes taste better.
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