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Can I still fix my reputation amongst my classmates?
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So I started going to a new school and even though I made one friend I still feel like I screwed up. I made a raise joke, talk too much, talk about politics and religion, made sex jokes, am noisy, insulted a kid once, laugh too much and say stupid things. Can I still fix this
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Everybody hates annoying little fucks like you!
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What is a raise joke?
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@: jethro
I think s/he means "race joke".
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@: Crow
Levity escapes you, doesn't it?
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You try to hard shit head
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you are so stupid
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you're bubbly but try not to hurt or annoy people, otherwise you're good to have as a friend :)
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If you are not already gay turn queer now!
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Dont listen to the jerks in the comments. It shows that you care by even asking if you can fix your reputation. As long as you're not offending anyone by talking about politics, religion, or race, you can probably fix your reputation. I would suggest to not be obnoxious especially while laughing or talking. If you immediately began making jokes, offending people, and talking a lot, once you enrolled in the school, it will most likely take a longer time to fix your reputation. In my opinion, it would be best if you stay subtle and throughout the school year, build up to your personality. I AM NOT saying to be fake, I am just suggesting to kind of take everything down a notch. I hope this helped. :)
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