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Can people with small lips kiss good/better?
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Can people who have smaller lips than you kiss good?
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Comments (6)
I don't think it makes any difference
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Can people with smaller fists punch you in the mouth better!
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Technically, yes. The smaller the fist (taking into account that you get hit by the bigger and the smaller fist at the same velocity, force, power) the smaller the contact area. So the pain felt will be more intense because it is focused on a smaller area.

Now... if we were talking about a penis hittin' dat vagina, the exact opposite will be true.

It's all relative. Probably.
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It's all in the technique. If someone knows how to use their mouth parts the difference lessens, but, in my experience, fuller lips seem to have an advantage when less skill's involved.
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Small lips are nice, big lips are nice, I guess all lips are nice especially when they are on my cock!
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All my girlfriends say that I am amazing kisser.
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