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Can you folks recommend me a good laptop for 600$ or less?
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Odd site to ask this, but i was wondering if you guys know decent laptops (With good Specs for low requirement Games and Decenr taxing job/work loads) for less than 600$ ? I'm asking this on other sites too, and the one most recommend will be my pick.I'm much too busy(And inept..) to figure this question out by myself.
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I know, but I will never tell.
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I've been sworn to secrecy
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My good man all you have to do is use your imagination and skills. Sit quietly on a park bench and watch out for a well dressed guy with a laptop in a bag over his shoulder, jump on your bicycle, pedal as fast as you can past him, grab his bag and fuckoff with your new laptop, absolutely free!
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I reccomend a laptop for $600 or less, happy to help
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It better give me some sucky sucky for $600
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There is too little info, what country you are in plays the biggest part is regards to price wise, what games you play, what programs you run, portability, size, etc. I would recommend you talk to trusting friend, or take some time off to do research.
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