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Casey Anthony guilty or innocent?
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If you followed the Casey Anthony trial I'd like to know if you believe the innocent verdict was justified and correct or if she was clearly innocent. This was the case all over the news this summer about whether Casey Anthony (the person in question) may or may not have murdered her daughter Caylee Anthony.
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@: mizeka
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sorry didn't realize this poll has been done, still curious how people feel about it today.
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I was utterly shocked when the verdict was announced. I could not believe that anyone even for a second could actually believe she was innocent. Oh well, not my problem. People need to let it go.
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I can't stand hearing about these on the news. I get that it is sad that it happen, but the whole thing just turns into a media circus, and in the end it doesn't really matter to me whether a potential murderer is guilty or not, so long as they don't kill again.

To be honest, the media scrutinisation of her will mean that she will probably never get a chance to kill again, whether she is out of jail or not. It won't serve any purpose to lock her up, so I don't see the point in doing so, but, perhaps sadly, that isn't how the justice system works.
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@: dom180
Agreed. The media jumps all over any little shit-bit of "news" they can find and then obsesses over it constantly. I HATE that...
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I don't think there was enough clear, straightforward eidence to say Casey was guilty. All of the evidence was twisted around. They should have kept the trial going for at least a while longer until the jury could think coherent thoughts.
In a few decades, I hope they look at the case again. They don't even have to convict her. The whole Double Jeopardy rule in the Constitution says you can't convict a person for the same crime who was found innocent. I hope they toss that rule for this case.
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I cant believe they let her walk on this... there was just too much evidence and if they used their common sense in their brains- they would see that no sane parent would or could do something like that to their kid... & especially the grandparents who just "didnt notice" that she was gone? or that their daughter couldnt be found?? I mean really. I do agree that the counsel didnt do a proper job with sharing the evidence and explaining it clearly. I dont even have my law degree and I could of presented the case better & require more things to be brought up for explaining...

This new case where the 10 month old baby is missing, where the parents claimed that she was taken in the middle of the night... I really hope that the trial on this case goes right and sends who ever is responsible for this little girl to prison for a very long time.. like forever.. especially if its the parents.. its just awful what parents do their children... It makes me sick- I could NEVER imagine doing something like this to my child... or covering up someone elses mistake..
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I'll agree with the jury on this one. I think factually she's probably guilty of at least something but I think the prosecutor didn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she was guilty.
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