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Constant earge to Smell everything from rotten food to my own feet...
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Ever since I can remember I've always needed to smell something, anything. I have always had a very powerful sense of smell and can smell even the tiniest bit of dirt under my nails. just wondering if anyone out there has a similar habit.
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How do you feel about aromatherapy? Aromatherapy could be a nice and maybe even productive hobby for you.
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I've actually never heard of aromatherapy I'll have to look into that. I presume you are the "I share this behavior" :) if so do you find almost everything smells pretty good even if it shouldn't be?
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A lot of things smell pretty bad, but some things smell great like flowers, certain essential oils and freshly baked cookies. My nose is pretty sensitive so I smell a lot of stuff whether I like it or not. Some smells make me sick and give me a headache while other scents seem to eradicate headaches. I also have sinus issues so...
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