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Do christians have free will?
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All the time I hear Christians saying things like, "God wanted this to happen" "It was in God's will" "God's plan for your life". Don't these quotes mean that God has total control over your life and that everything you do, God wanted you to do it?
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I wish I had free wifi
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Everyone has free will.
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Even Christians fuck up. So yes you still have free will even after being 'saved?'
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everybody has free will. Some people just choose to not use it.
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All the stupid stuff that I do, I say "The Devil made me do it".
I guess it's kinda the same as religious whackos blaming their god for their screw ups and lack of actions
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Yes but
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Both are true, by their definition.
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Nobody has free will. Especially not Xtians
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If it's a simple will, it'd probably still cost you at least $500.
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Depends how deep they are in the shit...
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yes they have free will. it is kinda like your parent telling you that they want you to do something. when people use the "God wanted me to do this" it is usually because they feel it is the right thing to do. if your parent told you that they wanted you to go say hi to a neighbor or give a friend a present or something even more complex, you usually think about who it will impact. if it seems like the right thing to do then you will do it. the same thing goes for God.
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Christians are uncomfortable thinking for themselves. Who cares about rationalizations anyway?
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there is no free will
no things are random in the universe
however god doesn't exist
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