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Do nightclubs etc in your country have to provide free water?
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In New Zealand any bar, nightclub or any other places that serves alcohol must provide free water if someone asks for water. This is law in New Zealand and if they do not do this when asked they can loose their liquor licence and be in trouble. Most to all places in New Zealand provide free water anyway but they force any place that serves alcohol to do it.
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I'm sorry you found my comment so offensive. Answering your question was really unacceptable of me. You were totally warranted in deleting it.
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ive never been to a nightclub

if yallre lucky enough to be invited to a brush burn on my property then yallre encouraged to provide yalls own beer whisky candy bars and water
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In Idaho and Oregon (US) they charge around a quarter/ 0.25 cents for each glass of water, other places not so much.
Just depends on how greedy the owner is.
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