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Do you ever feel like a child in an adult body?
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Why I ask is because I had posted something on this website and someone had asked if I was basically younger than I am. Which I am 22 years old.

I feel like I'm kind of indecisive. I act older at times, then I act my age and then I act younger than I am. My moods seem to go up and down also and I feel like I care way too much at times; I over analyze quite often.

I guess this is normal for my age really because I am still young. And shouldn't care what others think of me, just be myself.

Just curious to see how many feel same way. :)
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I'm 46, feel like 96, act like 11 & wanna be 14. Am I normal? lol
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Quite the opposite. I feel like an adult stuck in a child's body.
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@: Anime7
Same here:/
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I'm definitely childlike. I'm 21 but I've been told that my emotional age is like between 12 and 14.
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yeah totally act my shoe size not my age.
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well, you were 15 about only 7 years ago. i think experience will help you but sometimes its good to hold onto our youthful side. sometimes you need it to enjoy yourself. people that act super grown up usually lack emotion and personality.
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