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Do you have like an ASMR daily routine
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I live in The Valley of SoCal and I'm a young dude, it's like dumb loud here so it's hard to like concentrate ever. I listen to this stuff called ASMR and it's like totally relaxing or whatever.

It's like some Asian broad making noises in your ears for like an hour or so and I listen to maybe like 3 hours of it or something like that. But like daily though. I know like other people listen to it cause like it's soooo popular on Youtube or whatever but like it's nothing you go bragging home to your bros to.

Anybody else?
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I love watching ASMR it helps me relax and fall asleep
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It's a pathetic replacement for intimacy, not a good thing for a #baylife bro to get hooked to.
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@: felixy
U mean Californians... (In that sarcastic voice from that one SNL sketch from last season...
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WTF is that?
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@: Cheet0
ear masturbation
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