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Do you hope you will live forever or have you accepted your mortality?
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I don't want to live forever because that's impossible. I accept that one day I will die. I just hate thinking about how my family will feel.
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I don't care how others will feel. I'm selfish and just care about how I'll feel when my loved ones die.
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I would like to live forever if I had powers like Q on Star Trek.
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Hell i'm 23 and im bored already, i'll take an early death tbh, old enough that i can turn my shit around and lead a fufilling life filled with travel and music and experiences but not so old that my body and god forbid my mind fails me

beats drifting through the endless deaths, mournings and then numbness that would come with invinsibility
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As for accepting it i'm not sure, i've expirienced death within my family three times and seen it once, i fully understand the inevitability but somehow it hasn't clicked within me fully, not sure how much anyone can until the time comes
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I'll die someday while sleeping.
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I don't expect to reach 25.
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