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Do you think dark lipstick looks trashy on most women?
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Besides this being a poll, I don't care. I'll wear whatever I want when I'm good and damn ready to.
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damn. I love red lipstick. red considered dark?
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You mean black? I think dark colors look cool on women. Im kind of odd though. I would totally date someone with pink hiar and blue lips.
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I love your IIN name! Brilliant.
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It depends on the complexion of women, while red looks perfectly fine on a white lady it cam look trashy on a dark lady and sometimes a dark lady with brown lipstick looks awesome. It can even depend upon the dress color and also upon the occasion..
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I think it depends on the girl
the look the situation etc...
sometimes it looks wonderful
others tacky bad
I guess trashy?
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To me it all depends on the skin tone!
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Hmm... i can't say i 've ever wore dark lip stick i usually just wear nude, pinks, and clear gloss or nothing at all.
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I think it depends on the woman. Some can work it, some can't.
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Dark lipstick can look very chic if worn with minimal eye make up, and a tidy hair style. Very light almost beige lipstick I think looks awful on most women.
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It all depends. Like, what look do they want? Make up technique and quality is really important for the finished look. Its all an art project.
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I think dark lipstick, and by dark I mean dark, looks trashy on anyone. Even goth guys.
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I hate black lipstick on women and teenagers, it looks very chavvy. Chavvy = British term for trashy.
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