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Do you use torrents to download stuff from the internet?
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why buy something when you can get it for free?
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Sometimes. haven't downloaded a torrent in a year though
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I used to when i was broke but now i have a few streaming services, spotify and get really anal about building my blu ray and vinyl collection i buy most of my stuff, i will torrent occasionally though, for example if an album comes out by an artist i like but i dont have the money i'll torrent it then buy it payday

If i've already paid for something i don't see the harm in torrenting it to get it on other devices etc
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That's illegal!
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For anime: Since we don't have any official source to buy anime in my country, I download almost every anime I want to watch.

For games: If I'm not in a hurry to play a certain game, I prefer buying it on Steam. Otherwise, I use torrent.

For movies/books: Torrent FTW.
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Do I look like the sort of person to break the law? Do I?


((but seriously, no I haven't used torrents. Never felt the need to.))
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i do it all the time
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