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Do you wish Pantene would bring back their original scent?
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I loved Pantene for the scent back in the 80's and 90's, it smelled soooo good and EVERYBODY knew that Pantene scent!! Guys especially loved to smell it in a girls hair. It was such a good and clean smell!! And the scent lasted for a loooong time!!

The newer scent is just so bland and boring, nothing special about it.

I wish they would bring back the original!!
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Comments (10)
How about a shampoo that smells like hot stinky sex???
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i dont know the smell at all. why dont you wash your hair with a neutral smelling shampoo and then spray your hair with perfume
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@: devilla
No comparison! Besides, perfume gets a stink to it after a few hrs, especially on hair.
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okay then , make a shampoo or get natural type and add essential oils maybe rose peppermint or lavender, that stuff smells great
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I don't really remember the original smell of pantene but there are other good shampoos out there. We use elveve bu loreal a lot. But really, shampoo is shampoo.
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it was nice but, you know, times change.
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Have you ever tried Loreal Elvive Shampoo,& Conditioner?? Ive been using it for years,&I would'nt use anything else!! I use the red bottle range for Coloured Hair,& I find it totally fantastic!! it leaves my hair so clean & fresh,& really shinney!! ALL LOREAL PRODUCTS ARE WELL PRICED & FANTASTIC!!! TRY,TRY,TRY!!!
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thanks to the old technology there was probably lead or rust in it.
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I wish women would bring back the original scent and not upset the natural bacterial balance
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I like the smell of panties off 80 & 90 year olds.
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