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Does anyone else feel like they can fly?
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I honestly feel like I can fly. Maybe I'm crazy, but it's really driving me crazy, if anything. I listen to certain music, I'm in certain events or environments, looking at a beautiful painting, I honestly feel like I'm flying when I close my eyes. I feel like there's something inside of me that's strange that can honestly make me fly. For example, listening to "When Your Feet Don't Touch the Ground" by Gary Barlow, "The Boy Falls From the Sky" by Reeve Carney, and "Flying" by James Newton Howard. Additionally, standing in the open field in the park near my house during the windy nighttime, I feel like the wind can pick me up. Watching an Aurora Borealis makes me feel like I can just take off. And I'm not just talking about feeling it inside, I'm talking about feeling like I can actually fly if I have enough willpower. I just need someone out there who feels like me. Really, I'm just putting this message out there for anyone that feels like me. Anyone out there who knows someone who feels like me genuinely. I just need someone to confide in and who can work on this with me. Please.
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Only in my dreams do I feel like I can fly; I don't want to wake up sometimes.
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Anyone can fly.
Landing safely is another thing.
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Yes. I think I know exactly how you feel.
To me it's not about songs or beautiful landscapes. It's just flying. It has no connection with nice feelings or songs or images. This feeling is with me since I was a kid. Of course, in my dreams, I did experience flight... but, for some unexplicable reason, some part of me was (and in some way still is) absolutely sure that it should be possible to do that when we're awake.
And yes, it absolutely has to do with your "willpower", in some other way it's also something else that I could never figure out entirely. It feels as if some change in your ideas or in your feelings could affect the flight. Sometimes that happened, in my dreams, and I've simply "lost altitude" gradually untill I touch the ground and I'm not flying anymore because of "that".
Being awake is the same thing, it's just "there" but because of something in us we can't simply go "up", we're not weightless.
Does any of this makes any sense to you?
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Try jumping off of a cliff or tall building and get back to us and tell us how it felt when you were awake. I had that dream when I was a kid too. But I didn't fly well when jumping off of a 1 story house.
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I have felt like that from a small child. are your head!!!....but let me tell you a secret: ALL THE BEST PEOPLE ARE!.(Alice in wonderland).
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I can definitely relate to that post. I have this incredible strong desire to fly ever since i was a little girl. Sometimes when I close my eyes I see myself flying. I feel the motion and see the stars in a dark blue sky in perspective moving... passing by me. I have a lot of dreams of me flying since i was little girl. I learned how to control how i fly in my dreams. It's really cool. Love the heights. I went skydiving few times. It was the most incredible feeling.
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I know what you mean, I feel like I can fly I feel like I can touch the sky. I used to think that life was just an awful song. But now I see me running through that open door, I believe I can fly.
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