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Drunken art sale
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So I'm a freelance artist and I did an artwork of 2016's dead celebrities using paint pens on wooden board. The work was done at a friends house and his housemate that was there at the time fell in love with the work and offered me $100 for it, even shaking my hand on the deal.

He now claims he was drunk at the time and is not interested in the purchase. Since its a personal sale there's not alot I can do. What do you guys think? Any advice?
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That's a pretty shitty thing for him to do, but I sadly don't think there's a lot you can do about it :(

One day I'll buy something you've painted. I just don't have the money yet :(
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yeah I'm a bit bummed especially considering how broke I am atm. But I picked up a job doing a portrait for a girl I know. Gotta move on pretty quickly, it's the nature of the game.
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