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Getting tired of negative year rants....
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You know what grinds my gears? When people complain about any year because so much crap happened to them during that certain year. Well I am going to say this. Stop blaming years for that kind of stuff. Crap happens regardless of what time period it is, thats life. I know I used to do that, but I learned it's not because of (insert year) I go through bull crap, rather it's because of reality. So to all the people who were going to do an "end of the year rant" about 2016 being the worst, learn from this and don't worry about if 2017 is going to be a good year or not. Also to all who are going through hard times, have a open mind and keep looking towards the light.
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Come on, after the foolishness of 2016, you know 2017 is going to suck; but we'll see when Jan 20th comes.
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It will be entertaining nonetheless
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@: Azaman
True lol
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Any year in which I advance from a level 2 meanderer to a full blooded spirit wolf with 32 hit points is a damn good year.
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Allah akbar
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