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Guys, do you have any weird masturbation habits or experiences?
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Guys, do you have any weird masturbation habits or experiences? If yes, their specification in comment section is welcome and appreciated.
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When I was younger, I reached my orgasms without touching myself, just by thinking about my fantasies or just by watching porn. Something like mental or visual jerking. It was quite a unique feeling when I came that way.
Then other unusual experiences (unusual for me, other people probably do it all the time, regularly before opening their daily newspapers):
1.masturbating in a bus - sorry but I have to disappoint any lovers of exhibitionism here because in my case I was careful not to be noticed, the above mentioned technique is quite useful also for these kinds of leisure time activities
2.having a passionate one night stand with my old vacuum cleaner (it is a household appliance, not the nickame of one of my servants, do not worry)
3.when returning home in a night bus, I went to the nearest wood near my neighbourhood and planted my seed there.

There were probably more stories in my life, but I have forgotten them. Can it be because masturbation really damages memory???:))))
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I lined the inside of a cardboard tube with silly putty and jo'd into that. I had to throw out my silly putty though so it wasnt a good idea.
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@: Wendell
Wouldn't it be J'd O?
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I was doing it in a caravan one night on holiday and my sister growled at me from the next bedroom and told me to stop shaking the caravan. It'd been a week and I was desperate for one.

I have hundreds of these (including a very interesting one about multiple orgasms) but the question gets asked often so I like to ration them out. Next time you ask, you'll get the other story. :)
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I've always masturbated by humping a pillow. Before puberty, I'd watch an Eva Gardner movie called One Touch of Venus and would lay on my stomach and hump the couch cushion until I was high, and I couldn't understand why. Then 1 day I was doing it and a clear liquid shot out and I thought I was sick. I told my best friend cause I was worried, and he told me about jerking off, and that he shot white milky stuff. Pretty soon, I shot that too, but I knew it was normal, and started creaming on my pillow until my mother yelled at me. Afterward, I made sure I always had Kleenex by my bed.
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I’ve masturbated thousands of time why smelling used panties or my cum rag (dishtowel).
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After going to the beach with my cousins we came back to the house and showered. We left our bathing suits in the bathroom so afterwards I went in and locked the door. She was only 12 and absolutely cute. So I took the top and bottom of her bikini and switched which I rubbed in my face and which I was putting my penis in. I didn't cum on it but I kept rubbing semen on where her vagina and boobs were
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I went to the beach with a group of friends and afterwards we stopped at my buddy's girlfriend's place to shower and change, she was gorgeous. I whacked off in her shower. Thinking about her.
I've done it in most of my friend's houses at one time or another.
At the same time I am proud and ashamed of this fact.
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