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Have You Ever Had Sex With A Relative?
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This post is hilarious! There should also be an option of, "no, but I want to." LOL
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Oops, post should have been poll ;)
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Not enough options lol
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I don't believe these statistics -_-
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wow thats quite high for illegal sex.
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I want to
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Incest is hot in p0rn, but I'd NEVER do it myself. xD
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Yes. My brother
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No nephew or niece option? I'm disappointed.
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Once,after doing some crystal meth,I forced myself on my own little mom! She barely resisted me as I tore her robe open and pinned her down across the table! I lifted her robe up and grabbed her pussy as she cried for me to stop! I fucked my tiny,British mom right there across the marble table! She just kept on crying as I started to get deep inside of her!! She began to moan and groan as grabbed her hips and fucked just as hard as I could!!! She was screaming at me as I pounded and pounded her from behind! I finally exploded into my mom's pussy,then let her body drop simply to the floor!! She just went to her room and we never spoke about it ever! She was too ashamed to say anything to anyone!!!!!
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