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Have you ever pirated a movie?
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Guess what? You got it for free.
Are you proud of yourself?
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I'd post links but I don't wanna get banned again.
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AARRRR, shiver me timbers
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lol i pirated a lot.
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Noooo... never... *hides eyepatch and hand hook*
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All the time
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Yes, I do often.
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Only when its rated argggghhh
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Yes and more than music.
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Only after all my local video stores closed down and I don't do it anymore. Too many shit quality ones or the movies Im interested in are obscure so if they're even there to begin with they take days to download or its a foreign movie and I download it and there's no subtitles. I tell ya it's pretty shitty considering how popular it is
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what? Would I steal a purse? Would I steal a car? Piracy is theft, and its ILLEGAL! :o
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I would TOTALLY download a car if I could.
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You wouldn't steal a handbag.
You wouldn't steap a car.
You wouldn't steal a BABY.
You wouldn't shoot a policeman... and then steal his helmet!
You wouldn't go to the toilet in his helmet... and then send it to the policeman's grieving widow... and then steal it again!
Downloading films is illegal. If you do it, you WILL face the consequences.
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I might happily steal a car off the CEO of Warner Bros, if he parked it with the keys in.
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