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How do you think the world would be if it were dominated by Wahhabism?
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Please tell me your opinion, it's only to have fun (an odd question). I hate wahhabi.
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i dont really like wasabi
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If it is a religion, it is evil and the greatest sin of mankind.
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Wahabism is essentially puritan Islam, the Islamic equivalent of Bible Belt Christianity.
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I really thought it was a word you had invented but then decided to Google it because I'm curious by nature.
If the world was ruled by them we all would have been sterilised if not killed.
Are you one of them?
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@: kelili
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It would be better and more Godly to worship piles of dog shit than to live in such an awful world!
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It burns my mouth
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Not to quibble over terminology, but I think that you may mean Salafisim.
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@: seekelp
Wahhabism is a form of Salafism.
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Sort of. You a can argue the point a few ways, but members of ISIS would self identify as Salafists before they tell you they're Wahhabists.
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If woman ruled the world there would be mo wars or starvation
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