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How many people have you "Blocked" on Facebook
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Inspired by the "how many Facebook friends do you have" question, I wanted to see how many people have enemies on Facebook.

I've blocked four people, how many have you blocked?
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Lots because i got tired of their updates and sending me stupid farm and casino requests.
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Just a couple of weird coworkers that I NEVER want to be "friends" with. I don't use Facebook much, but I don't like the idea of being stalked by weirdos.
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My ex just didn't seem to understand that I did NOT WANT TO SEE HIM.

Hope that fucker dies soon :)
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Random people who I don't know that add me.
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A douchbag coke-user who never got the point.
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@: wreckd
You must like Pepsi instead...coke isnt so bad.
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3, but I don't use fb anymore so.....
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4, 2 of which I don't know
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I have taken at least 3 people off my facebook mostly because they never respond when I send messages. I think it is so rude. I know they check facebook because I see other comments that they have posted. I get it. Don't befriend me then.
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I blocked a weirdo from PA... :-/
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Facebook refuses any of my requests to block people.
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