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How should I get a girlfriend?
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Which is the best option? Please help.
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Grab from the sidewalk and throw in a windowless van works best.
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@: xfg42
^^^ this OP. Works every time. The promise of candy never fails.
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Buy one at Walmart.
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The 5 F's always worked for any male such as :
Find em , Feel em , Finger em , Fuck em , Forget em.
Very simple basic logic.
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Depends on what type of girl ur looking for... Any of those answers could work in different situations...
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It depends. Are you looking for a long-term relationship or sex?

Long-term would require picking the right girl, being yourself and getting to know. While looking for sex will depend on how easy the girl is, so talking randomly, waiting for the right moment, etc will work just fine.
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