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I dont know what to do
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An hour ago i was on my phone texting my boyfriend and he calls. i answer and hes talking so i thought it was to me i guess hes talking to his older brother "i dont know what to do" there's shuffling then i hear "what about asking her" then he sighs " no i might have to break up with her " THen im on the other line stunned " i guess josh that's up too u" then there's a more shuffling and a song was put on and a slam of a door. i decide to go "what the what hi" he yells shit and says wait i hung up and now i'm stunned he keeps calling and texting baby answer me sooo i need advice
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Well, I would go into things and make him think that you didn't hear what he said fully, just that you thought you heard something that concerned you; if he twitters his thumbs, and lies to you, confront him. Calling his Brown is the WRONG idea; dodging communication with your BF will only make things worse...
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Just talk to him and find out what's up.
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It could have been a misunderstanding. In my personal opinion, you overreacted.
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