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I have sex with my teddy bear
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I MEAN yea people get horny and sometimes u look around to see what you can find different to do(atleast i do) so one day i mounted my bear and the way it felt was great
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I am fond of an answer given by a character from CSI: Gil Grissom, when he was talking about furries and plushies: "Jung said that the only abnormal sex is to have none at all."

A plushy in this sense is really no more or less different to a furry or plushophile than a love doll is to a guy who really likes to have sex and has such dolls.

I think the reason it is believed to be obscene is because plushies are often given to young kids.

Just be reasonable about it.
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Wtf?!?!? How does this work?
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I love Plushies and furries, fun people!
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i respect all the people who enjoy teddy bear love
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Ninja literally means 'accounts supervisor'.
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Are you a boy or a girl..
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