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I suspect my brother might have a different dad. IIN?
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I have this really strong suspicion that one of my younger brothers has a different dad! He doesn't share any noticeable physical traits of my dad (or dad's family) and he has a lot of mysterious traits that don't seem to come from our family at all.

My parents have been together for over 30 years and nobody has ever said anything about this, denying paternity or anything about my mom cheating. But I have a gut feeling that I'm right about this!

I want to ask my mom because I can't stop thinking about it. Should I?

If you've been in this situation please share your story.
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I don't share any traits except my height with most of my family. I apparently just got a whole lot of recessive genes that my parents were carrying.

In the end, it doesn't really matter much. Your brother was raised alongside you by your father. Most people would say that makes him his son in any case.

I wouldn't bother asking. The chances are fairly low, and the potential trouble just isn't worth it.
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@: q25t
You were adopted.

Sorry you had to find out this way.
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If I hadn't seen my ultrasound, pictures of me at about 3 days old, and had hospital records from when I was in the hospital, I might believe you.
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My sister had a different dad and i didn't find out until i was like 10. She found out when she was 6, and not in the best way.

I didn't think of her any differently, but i made some jokes about it that sometimes made her feel bad. Our dad that raised us both treats her differently; it's overtly obvious that he cares about me more and this makes me sad. He doesn't understand her behavior very well and i sometimes have to explain to him that she is a different person than me and the "right"things i do don't come as easily to her. She feels left out at times, like she's not really part of the family. It would have probably been better had she remained oblivious.
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Your brother looks like the mailman doesn't he? Lol
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Could you sneak a DNA test?
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Don't ask. Just take it to Jezza and let him sort it out.
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I have a theory.

Roll up a roll-up and stick it in your hole then go visit Mr mole. He will ease your troubled soul, and sex the roll-up hole with his mole pole. Because you and your brother were born of a gay mole, you came out its hole with a roll up for a soul.
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Oh... tricky one. Sometimes a family member ends up with genes from great or even great-great grandparents and they just happen to be the genes that have a lot to do with what they look like on the outside - in the face etc. Or quite often a child just looks like one parent. I really don't know... it depends on what your family are like and also on whether or not you have other causes for suspicion. If you are right, I guess you'll have to be ok with it, though. It would take some getting used to, obviously, but you'd have to be cool with it really. I don't know!?
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I wouldn't ask, It can only bring problems to the family ,and if you guys are doing good, why make it bad?
Plus it could be possible! I have this friend, who is blonde and blue-eyed, and all her family (siblings and parents) have dark hair and dark eyes, and she looks like nobody.
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Have you ever looked in genetics? It is possible that he really is related to you but just took after someone else in the family whom you don't know. Even if he isn't, it may not be such a good thing to try to satisfy his curiosity. Though, if your mother really did cheat, he does have the right to know who his father is. Or, it could be that he was adopted. If you want to find out whether or not he was adopted or not, I strongly suggest that you take precautions. It can be very damaging for people to find out that their family really isn't their family.

If its really eating at you you could take aside your parents and ask. On the suspicion of cheating, it would probably be best to take just your mom aside. For something like adoption, ask both. If not and you are eligible to do so, you could hire a private investigator. But if it somehow comes out that you hired one, regardless of this person's findings, it could cause a lot of problems in family.

Good luck!
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How much do you know about genetics? It is a myth that kids have to look like their parents or that siblings have to look like each other. It is entirely possible to have two kids with the same parents and they don't look like each other or either parent. Before you stir up a hornets nest, I suggest you do some research (technically you have already started by asking a question here).

If you have the energy for it, I suggest that in private, you draw a family tree based on your personal knowledge, going back as far as possible. For each person, include their name, general appearance and a photo if available. If you don't know anything about your grandparents or great grandparents, just ask your parents or uncles/aunts. If there are public records available, go do a search if it is legally possible.

Include yourself, your siblings, and as many first cousins as possible, including ones that you share grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents with. Include the kids of your cousins if you know about them.

Then comes the difficult bit, because you will have to analyse your brother's defining features and look for anyone else having them in your family tree. If there are absolutely no similarities then maybe there is a case of different parenthood.

Then you could always have look at your mum's friends, work colleagues, neighbours and other public people like postmen, milkmen and the nieghbourhood police officer.
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Since the age of four I always suspected me and my sister had different fathers. We didn't look like each other or get on, at all. Turns out, she did have a different father!
It's up to you if you want to ask your mum. Maybe not ask her directly about it, but maybe share your worries about you two not looking alike, sharing any personal traits etc.
Even if you share different fathers, he is still your brother. I have two half siblings and love them more than some people love their full siblings. Full and half siblings make no difference.
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My mother has actually brought it up to me about my brother. I never would have thought of the idea. Still am not 100% sure...
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Could be a recessive gene. It is kinda like having a redhead sibling and neither parent has red hair or two Black parents having a child with albinism.
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