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If there was a massive suicide protest, do you think it'd help us?
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If everyone who believes in overpopulation (including myself) committed suicide (as well as those who never reproduced), do you think that the large quantities of suicide victims would help our overpopulation issue? And do you think it would open the eyes of governments and societies worldwide and try enforcing a child limit (1 Kid in 1st-World Nations and 2 kids in 3rd World Nations) so our population would reduce to healthier numbers?

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What makes you think that "governments and societies worldwide" give a crap about the people? Other than the expense of cleaning up the corpses, that is.
I don't see more than a few thousand joining you, so it would be a completely futile gesture and make no difference in the end.
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How is that a solution to anything?
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What thegypsysailor said.

Consider economic and/or repercussions, too. Depending on who commits suicide, some real shit could hit the fan.
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Id wouldn't make much impact. Also most people are not willing to do that.
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Nope, it's a stupid ideas and a lame attempt to manipulate society. A mass suicide and would just makes more room for people like the Duggar family who would probably pray for your souls and then go on about their lives as usual.

If anything people with large, religious families would just take it as a sign from God that their way of life is good and those who believe in overpopulation are wrong and fundamentally unhappy people. I honestly believe a mass suicide protest would accomplish the opposite of what it was intended to do.
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Its normal, although I dont think people will just kill themselves because someone says so. I do think it will solve problems.
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to say if you all were to consider committing suicide that would lets say be almost 10,000,000 million people but there are 7 billion people on earth and with the rising gas, GDP, and the unemployment rate it would probably only give an eighth of the suicide population would have a chance for the jobs you had and businesses would have harder times finding qualified people for their company plus the families of those people would be devastated and they also would commit suicide just causing more of a problem with all of this so in my opinion not not at all it wouldn't help anyone.
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