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IIN my mother punished me in unusual ways at home?
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I grew up with a single mother as the only child. During my upbringing, she would use different ways to punish me. It didn't involve that much pain, but was humilating to various degrees. Up until adulthood, she would make me lie across her lap with my butt bare, and spank me with a hairbrush.If I protested, she would just do it longer. Whenever I was sick, she's take my temperature in the butt also. Everything like I was a small child.

The most tyrannical thing she did, was sitting over me and peeing in my face whenever she was really mad about something, in order to "put me in my place" and showing "who is the boss around the house." Once she did this for no reason at all, and told me she just felt like it. I wasn't allowed to turn my head, or she would hold it still for me, so everything would end directly on my face/lips. She'd then get up, tell me to clean myself, and walk out. In the worst period, this would happen weekly.

I don't live at home any longer, but whenever I come to visit for long, I'm afraid she'll do it again. She says that as long as I'm at home, I play by her rules.

I realize this is abuse, but I don't want to report my own mother. I want to tell her it will never happen again, but I'm not sure if I can, as she always gets mad/cold/tyrannical whenever I stand up to her.

The thought that is nagging me, was her motives for doing this in any way sexual, or was it just to control me?
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Report that bitch! Just 'cause she shares the same genetic material as you doesn't mean she should get away with what she did.
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Report, I know its hard to do to your mother, but its wrong what she did.
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If this is in fact true, then don't visit her at all but report her.
My friend's mom used to make him sit on a chair in the corner and watch guys fuck her.
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Yikes, that leads to un-fun mental issues.
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I laughed reading this post, sorry ;p
Must be really weird having your mother piss on your face.
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My mother used to piss on me and I enjoyed it. She would make me lie on the floor, straddle me, pull her panties to one side and release a stream of water. It was her way of showing affection.
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yeah I agree with others to report her! why the hell would you want someone who feels it acceptable behaviour in your life? tell her to do on and seriously report her!
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what a fuckin bitch !!! report her, make her go to jail for it !!! im sorry you went through that :/
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i'm sorry, but peeing in your face? yuck!
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O_0 Regardless, of the fact that you share a genetic code with her, what she did was wrong and you need to report her!
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total fake bullshitt...
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It has got to be past the statute of limitations I would think.

Besides, he doesn't want to report her. That is fine.

But OP, Why the HELL would you go to her house? let alone have anything to do with her.

And if you do, why allow her to pull that shit again?
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