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IIN that I never win in a game of chess??
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I do not know what's wrong with me. I am over a decade and a few years and have yet to win a single game of chess!! I play it at school or on my phone and most of the time I give up in the middle or I make it to the end but lose anyway. I can't even win when competing against the computer!

Half of the time I do not even know what's going on. There are times when the person I am competing against will help me like give me suggestions on where to move and so on. Yeah, I am that hopeless.

I wanna get better because I play it at school, I suck at sports too. How do I get better at it?
Annnd is it normal to have never won a single game of chess??
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There are three distinct parts of a chess game: the opening , the middle-game and the end game. The tactical thinking in each is different. In the opening you are trying to get as many pieces attacking the center squares of the board as possible. In the mid-game you are looking for forks, which are positions where a piece is attacking two of the opponent's pieces simultaneously. Finally, end-game is best conducted by getting two rooks to the sixth rank, or one rook to the seventh rank.

There are many refinements to strategy for intermediate level players like attention to pawn structure and gambits. It sounds as if your interests would be best served by studying chess a bit more and playing it a bit less.
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Stay away from chess.
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It's just I suck at basketball one on one's normal.
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