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IIN that I Play Too Much Games
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Well Guys I Want to know if it is Normal That I Play about 2-5 hours of gaming a day. One day I got Gta 5 on a Sunday the day I go to my moms (Parents are Divorced)So I through the biggest Fit Known To Man Not Kidding Well is it Normal
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Pretty normal as long as you got everything else under control (for instance your work or school or whatever)

I'm gaming between 4-6 hours everyday after work.
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GTA is pretty addictive and it's not uncommon for people to play it and other games for more than 5 hours.
Still videogames are unproductive and sitting for long hours playing games is not healthy either.
Go out and make friends, I would suggest you playing soccer, football, baseball, basketball or any such "real" game you like.
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On weekends I can play up to 10 hours a day... what ever you got is tiny compared to me... yes it is normal. Gaming is fun.
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If I had kids I'd never spend a penny on a stupid video game.
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Well! That's not quite related is it? :P
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I'm close to 67 and some day's I play a FPS game for that many hours. Just not a continual 5 hours.
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