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IIN that I really don't think life is short at all?
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People say "Life is short" all the time but I've never been able to relate to that because to me it seems ridiculously long... And it doesn't really matter anyway because when you die you're not aware of being dead. You're not conscious in any way, so you can't feel disappointed about the fact that you're no longer alive.
I seems like no matter where you want to go in life you have to spend several years working towards something, only to spend the next several years working towards the next thing once you've reached your previous goal. Wherever you are, you have to wait for something else instead of just having it in the here and now so everything takes too long.
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Time flies when you're having fun
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It's all relative. When you're suicidal and depressed life is oh so long, but when you're happy and sucking the marrow out of life it's way too short. I used to feel the way you do, and who knows maybe I'll feel that way again someday, but I hope not. There are a lot of mistakes I've made in my youth due to impatience and desperation, but looking back now I think how those bad decisions were such a waste of time, because I was stupid, impatient and thought life was too long.

I remember very specifically thinking life is too short when I was married to my second ex-husband; that thought crystallized in my head very clearly at about three months. Working full-time while dealing with an unemployed, alcoholic who does nothing, but play video games and sleep all day made me see how short life can be and that it would be torture to waste it in that situation.

If you're not happy in your current circumstances try to find something better.
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It seems like a few years ago I was 17. Time passes to fast after your 30. I'm 67. Where did time go. I do have a lot of good and bad memories. My mind sometimes forgets my body is old and not a healthy 27 year old. Until I try to do something that was easy at that age.
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Life is what you make it,. You only get out what you out in. If you don't put any hard work or effort toward anything then your life will feel meaningless and it will seem to drag on and on because you have nothing to look forward to. All you are doing is waiting to die. And if thats all you're focused on then your not living to your full potential therefore your simply wasting your life.

Don't waste something so precious because even with your view of "Your not conscience when you die so you cant possibly care if your dead" logic you still only have one chance to live this life so don't blow it.
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You wont be talking like this when youre feeling old age creep up on you OP! Lol.. Life isnt one whole thing, it comes & goes in chapters, & theres no second chances. When more chapters end you realize what a short cruel thing time is!
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Life is so long, it takes practically a lifetime to pass by! That's ages!
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I never was.
Am always to be.
No one ever saw me, nor ever will.
And yet I am the confidence of all who live and breathe.
What am I ?
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Drunk? :P

Kidding.. let me try figure it out...

Yeah I got nufin. A beachball?
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