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IIN that I want to be a slave of someone?
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I want to be someone's slave and for them to make me work all day and make me do disgusting things.....
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Head on down to Mexico!
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Having a slave would make my lifed so more enjoyable and maybe you could audition for the position. Mind you, there would be lots and lots of housework and I do like to have a spotless house and am very fussy. Firstly you would have to wear a typical maid's dress. Short black little dress, black suspenders and black stockings and a frilly white apron and constantly have a butt plug inserted into you.
You would follow my every order and demand precisely and to do otherwise would bring about having to deal out punishment and humiliation. Forced enemas that would take two hours of flushing you out and then having my 6 year old short-hair black Labradore mount you and use you as his breeding bitch. Filling you with semen and inseminating you. I would push him hard agains you whilst he is fucking you, to ensure his knot was all the way inside you and he would be locked there and you would be screaming for mercy.
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My wife loves to be treated as a slave, to be tied so she cant move and be used and abused. Think most women have a desire for something like that to happen once in their lives.
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