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IIN that it annoys me when gay people sound gay?
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It's like when a gay man sounds like a woman with a lower voice or a gay woman sounds butch and uses manly speech patterns. I feel like since not all hetero people sound the same, it's weird when there's a distinct "gay accent". All that does is GIVE ammo to to my aunt and people like her, who believe that depending on the amount of homosexual demons inside of a human, the more butch or feminine they act. She even started asking if I was gay just because a show about young adults coming out came on while she was praying for me.
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Firstly, most gay men and lesbians sound exactly the same as heterosexual people and some heterosexual people have what you describe as a "gay accent" or speech patterns.

If you're expecting logic from someone who believes in demons you're wasting your time and energy and I'd suggest you stop trying and also stop blaming gay people's alleged speech patterns for your aunt's ignorance and bigotry, which are netirely her own responsibility.
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@: Ellenna
Yes. Yes yes yes
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Being attracted to the same sex is a huge mental change, which effects everything down to what gets you physically aroused. For a reproducing species, that's a big deal.

It is not a large stretch to suspect other patterns will emerge out of this change.
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I can't stand some gays as well for this very reason.
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to me i don't really care if someone's gay or not, it's their personality that i pay attention to. if your aunt bothers you then just move out
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