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IIN that she smelled like feces?
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The other day I was tying my shoelace when a friend comes up to me (I'm still kneeling down, looking at my shoe at this point). She was wearing tights which she often wears. Same color, it may be the same pair but not sure. I don't see her daily

On to the story.. She starts talking to me. During this time I finished tying my shoe and I proceed to get up... Since she was right next to me... While I was on my way to stand up.. I happened to catch a wiff of a horrible smell drifting from her... It stunk like crap.

The thing is I couldn't smell anything anymore once I fully stood up. It was just when I was passing by her mid area. Which makes me wonder if she always stinks like this but maybe I haven't noticed other times

Seriously, it was really bad.. I had always considered her cute and she seems to take care of herself with make-up and dressing stylish.. Which makes me assume hygiene is another thing she takes care of... I have huge doubts now.

The experience was so disgusting for me (it made me want to throw up) that I can't help but to wonder what was up with that. What do you think?
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Comments (12)
Maybe she just farted.
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@: (s)aint
I agree with you and if she farted there is nothing wrong with that either. :)
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I hate when people smell bad, I wish it were more socially acceptable to point it out to them.
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Probably eau du toilette
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She probably had an upset stomach or something. Still gross. Discretely check the next time you see her.
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The fourth option made me LOL. Perhaps she farted or had an accident or maybe she has fecal incontinence.
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Had she stood in some dogshit maybe?
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Sniff her chair when she leaves the room.
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Vag stench, probably.
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She just farted that is all. Scientists have proven that generally women's farts reek way worse than men's farts and that women generally get 3 times more gas than men do. The reason women's farts reek way way worse generally than men's farts is because women's farts contain way higher levels of hydrogen sulphide gases in them than men's farts do and the higher the levels of hydrogen sulphide gases in a fart the more it reeks. The other thing that makes women's farts generally reek way worse than men's is the fact there is actually 3 times more gas being emulated.

To anyone that is going to get offended by this I am only stating fact. It has been proven. I am not judging as it is what it is.

So all the woman you are talking about did was fart and the 2 reasons above is why it reeked so bad.
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Lol.. Maybe she has poor hygiene so disgusting..seriously!
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When people get older , they all smell like shit.
Or she just gave some dude a brown shower and smeared it all over his chest , belly , cock with her ass cheeks and he cleaned her up with his tongue but he didnt do a very good job.
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