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IIN to not feel comfortable talking about using the bathroom w/ BF/GF?
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I am a female and I have been with my current BF for a few months. I stay at his house 5+ nights out of the week. Sometimes, I'll get the urge to go #2 and I have to hold it in until the morning because I'm too embarrassed to mention it in front of him. I've kind of always been like that. I feel like it makes women look disgusting or unfeminine. What are your opinions?
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You must perpetuate the myth that women are perfect and don't poop. To do otherwise will result in the breakdown of society.
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Why do you have to mention it? Just go and have a shit, clean yourself up and go on with life like a grownup.

Women have to get rid of the body's wastes in the same way as men do: what on earth gave you the idea it's unfeminine and disgusting?
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Theres nothing wrong with telling him you have to use the bathroom.

It doesnt make you any less feminine haha :)
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My god girl! Poop when you need to! Holding it in for that long can't be healthy. Anyone holding it against you is unhealthy.
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Most men really don't care if you poop
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