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IIN To photoshop my girlfriend onto naked women
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My girlfriend and i have been dating for 8 months and haven't had sex (trying to wait till marriage) but have been getting pretty handsy lately. As an outlet i usually masturbate to a picture of her but tonight i photoshopped her onto 4 different photos, i did a really good job too i gotta say, one looks very legitimate. After i finished masturbating i felt really weird, like it was wrong, but also slightly better than watching porn? Idk...
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Its normal just keep it to yourself.
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Don't tell her, unless is a way that you can get one without photoshop? Maybe ask her if she'doesn't like one of you?
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@: Wrapped
I see you've moved on from obfuscating your text directly to posting obfuscated links. Good I guess, easier to ignore that way.
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Waiting for sex after marriage is for losers.
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Discuss with her without mentioning what have you done. Discussion would give you her ideas. If she hates photoshop, leave the subject, and if she likes to hear more, continue and seek her permission if you can do it with her pic.
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do too
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It's a fun thing to do as long as it's between yourselves. I've done it with my hot older sister, at her joking suggestion. Was helping her with updates one weekend, and we came across some bikini pics online, and she said "Stop putting my face on those bodies!", in fun.

I told her, wait..We can do that. Spent about two hours messing around, putting her face onto bikini bodies, soft porn, and few adult site pics. She thought it was funny!
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I'd say that definitely isn't something most people do, but tbh I think that shows you're a great boyfriend. You obviously have to do your thing, but you're so dedicated to her that you feel like you'd be betraying her by watching porn. A for effort!
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