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I'm addicted to hoarding gold and gems. Kleptomaniac.
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I'm a 22 year old male and for the past 6 years I have been addicted to collecting and hoarding precious metals, gems, jewelry, rare rocks, and luxury items. I'm a kleptomaniac, a thief, and count my wealth obsessively. I've accumulated over half a million dollars in items.

I grew up wealthy, upper class, great family life, no real childhood traumas, nothing that really triggered my problem, Im an only child and have been spoiled my entire life. I've stolen about 60% of the "treasures" I have, I've been gifted, or bought by my parents, about 35% and I've purchased the rest on my own. I absolutely refuse to share or lend anything of mine. My father pays for everything for me right now, I don't work, but I attend a private university and I'm soon to be in medical school.

I spend atleast 4 hours a day, collectively, looking at jewelry or rock shops online. I steal cell phones, watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, sunglasses, Bluetooths, and belts. Almost all of the jewelry I own is feminine, so I can't wear it in public, but I cover myself in gold and jewels while at home. I've slept with older women to get into their jewelry boxes. I have an exact count of everything I own and keep it all polished and clean.

I've been told I've lost all of my personality, I'm dead-in-the-eye, and my mother jokes it off that I've always "hoarded like a dragon" over my toys as a kid. I don't sleep much anymore, and I am absolutely plagued by my addictions

TL;DR Spoilt brat boy thief gets off to gold too much
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if you have a thing for virgins plus your love of gold you might be a dragon
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Ok Smaug.
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Mail me your complete and detailed address and leave your doors unlocked while you sleep under influence of pills at night.
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It's normal if you're a Jew, but otherwise get some professional help.
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