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I think pretty much everyone is bi, they just don't know it.
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@: ZeroT
sorry.. I hate the way a guy smells. I don't think everyone is Bi, although I don't know if one could become Bi by having like homo sex or.. I don't know
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its WAY more normal for girls to be Bi than guys .... and i think its about 50% for girls , even tho lots wont act on it.
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I dont know if im by I love women but also am instrested in men to someone comment to helP me
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I'm bi 'cos I chose to be.
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@: NyanCat
Free will could be an illusion.
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I don't know, I've always felt that every one has at least a little bisexuality in them. They may not act on it, but I think it's there, no matter how strong or weak it is.

But then again, what would constitute as someone being bisexual anyway? Watching, touching, rubbing, kissing, licking, sucking, fucking the same sex? I think it really depends on the person.

So yeah, I'd say being bisexual is normal.
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I believe bisexual is often sexual confusion. As most people who are bisexual usually pick a side or become that way after a traumatic experience.
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