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Is it normal that I lie about things so my friends think I'm cool?
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Honesty is the best policy lies will catch you out sooner or later
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Wow, how can YOU say that with a clean conscience? Disgusting fucking hypocrite. Hopefully it catches up to you real soon you shriveled-dick ugly old bastard.
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This is fairly common in adolescents but if it persists past that into what should be maturity, it's really obvious and pointless.

I went through a stage like that as a teenager where I told people at work all the exciting things I'd done over the weekend, most of which hadn't happened. I was trying to fit in with older girls with steady boyfriends, but realised fairly quickly that it was a lot of hard work keeping track of all those lies and that they probably didn't believe me anyway.

I'd give it up if I were you.
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