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Is it normal that I twerk 24/7
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So like ya, everywhere I go , you know I just gotta let the booty Free and let it bounce you know?!
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Comments (8)
You have freedom of twerking. We have democracy. Its your body part and you can use it however you want till you aren't breaking a law. There is no law against twerking as fas as I know.
Keep twerking till you don't mind people around you avoiding you thinking you are crazy.
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There is no law against twerking, but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be.
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See a doctor.
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Too much twerking will make your ass fall off.
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Let me guess your race.....
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are you greek?
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Do it if you want to, We can't tell you to stop. But watch out, your ass might just come loose and hit the ground if you don't slow down.
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