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Is it normal that when I say good things to my brother when he's rude?
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Once my little brother woke up for secondary school , I was I'll so I stayed at home when my brother was going to eat his breakfast I told him to wash his face because he looked really tired but insdead of him saying thank you he then said shut up my mum also said that I am not the mum in the house so I should shut up

This happened when I was 17 so I am 18 now so I am telling you this
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You are just encouraging his rudeness. If he thinks it's ok it will become a habit. More or less he will lose respect for you. You have to stand your ground. How will he realize that you are the older one? You're giving him the upperhand. Firmly tell him that he is being rude and should not speak to you in that manner. Last resort if he is being a knucklehead, get whipping.
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@: Gumball
But how? My mum will be sooooo angry with me because he is the littlest in the family
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It doesn't matter if he's the smallest. That's more of the reason why you shouldn't tolerate his bad actions. You don't want him growing up with no manners. When he answers back rudely tell him that what he's doing is disrespectful. If he keeps on going ignore him and don't do things for him. Say if he's going to be rude that he doesn't deserve it until he learns to apologise. This way you shouldn't get in trouble with them as you did nothing wrong. Leave the disciplining to them. Don't encourage his rudeness responding kindly.
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Kill him! Then have sex with his corpse and then kill yourself!
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Love that last line there.
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Give him a Toxit for breakfast.

It makes them cry.

Why does it cry precious?

Because it had a TOXIT for breakfast hahahahha.

If you don't know what a Toxit is just ask i will tell you.
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I think that was just an episode of matutinal petulance, maybe you told your brother to wash his face in a way he found rude. The real question is: why you're complaining about this now? I don't think it's healthy to fuss about so tiny a question.
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