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Is it normal to be afraid of butterflies?
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Ok so since I was a kid I've always been petrified of butterflies. If I see a butterfly today I will run the other direction screaming. But you know everybody has theirs fears... right?
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They're quite ugly up close
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Yes everyone has their fears, however when it becomes an obsession is when the problems can start... Why are you fearful of them exactly?
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I saw someone with that same exact fear on TV. They helped the person with immersion therapy. For me being afraid of a butterfly would be like being afraid of a rough collie or a hummingbird or something else that's beautiful. Sorry, I can't relate.

Just out of curiosity, are you afraid of cockroaches, because they're really disgusting. I basically hate cockroaches, I'd rather see a spider than a roach as long as it isn't a poisonous one.
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Spiders are my friends (in addition to beautiful birds, cats, and certain people). I don't kill them; I simply capture them and throw them outside.
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