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Is it normal to reach around yourself to wipe?
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My husband and I were discussing a plumbing issue when for some odd reason, the topic of wiping came up. I'm curious what others think, especially which males do and which females do. Do you reach around yourself to wipe after a bowel movement, as in your arm reaches to the side and behind? Or do you reach between your legs and wipe that way? My husband seems to think all men do the 'between the legs' bit and only women reach behind themselves.
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Reach around and underneath is the only sane way to go, dipping between your legs and wiping not only increases the chance of piss dripping onto your forearm but also will ensure that you get your nutsack covered in remnants of shit!
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I don't want poop on my balls
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I don't believe in wiping.
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My fiancée and I have had the same discussion, but in reverse. She thinks reaching around feels insanely awkward, and I have no idea how a guy would reach under without his junk getting in the way, unless he were to hike up his leg for each wipe.
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Don't his balls get in the way?
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