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Is it normal to where pull-ups at age 14
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My son has been wearing pull ups for years now he is small so he fits into goodnite xls. He for some reason always wheres them around no matter where he goes. Every time i take him to the doctor they tell me he will grow out of it soon but i'm starting to think there may be a real problem. He will rarely wet himself while wearing them when hes awake and out but he still wets himself during sleep at night on a somewhat often basis. He is very normal otherwise and plays basketball and baseball and I'm afraid he could get made fun of if teammates find out (if it isnt normal)
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Instead of coming onto this site you should take your son to a psycho therapist. He obviously has some issues.
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@: finn
Yeah definitely see a therapist and and MD! Start with the Pediatrician he/she can recommend someone!!
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"Every time i take him to the doctor they tell me he will grow out of it soon"

Yeah sorry, this has to be a troll post. No doctor would try to say that this is okay at age 14.
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If it's real...this little fucker needs a dose of grow the fuck up! That is what is wrong with this entitled generation. Sure glad our soldiers weren't wearing diapers when they took Normandy! Be a man!
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That's really strange.
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14 is way too old to be wearing 'pull ups'
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I dont know any doctor who would say thats normal esspecially since you go in for a runny nose in middle of winter they'll still give you a prescription for something or another
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Lol maybe you shoved it too far in his pooper
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He must have a lovely, creamy white ass. His basketball mates will love him.
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