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Is it possible to make your own floating island?
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I want to make my own floating island somewhere. Would it be possible?
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I make my very own brown floating logs on a daily basis.
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Sure, just dump a few million truckloads of sand into the harbour and she'll be right.
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You fucker, you changed it to floating island. Fine. Go and get a big boat and fill it with sand...

...Wait...this is slightly more complicated...I'll get back to you.
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Jeremiah Fink: "Only Columbian ingenuity could create such a thing!"
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Floating like on water or air
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It is possible and has been done before by putting thousands of empty bottles under the "island"
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Yes it is very possible. In fact they have already done this. They have done this for places like hotels and casinos. However they have to constantly resupply the island with sand or it will be washed away. They are man made and created by piling sand till you get an island. Most of these man made islands are meant to look pretty and are made are certien shape usually something associated with the hotel or establishment. You can do it takes a lot of money to maintain though. Since you have to constantly supply new sand so it wont sink.
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Depends on the size. Is it big? small? Short? Tall? Tropical? Deserted? Gotta think bigger than what the blue prints say.
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Not sure how 'islandy' you're wanting your floating island but this is pretty cool...

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